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Will you outlive your retirement income? Are your financial expectations for the coming year realistic?

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HOT TOPIC: What Does a Strong Dollar Mean for the U.S. Economy?
This article looks at why the dollar is surging and how the strong dollar may affect U.S. consumers, businesses, and the broader economy.

Famous People Who Died Without Proper Planning
Think celebrities are way ahead of the curve when it comes to planning their estates? Many have died with no or inadequate estate plans.

Retirement Savings in a Volatile Market
Emotional reactions can be an enemy of sound investing. This article offers perspective and strategies that may help investors stay the course.

New Life for Your Old Insurance Policy
Did you know that there are alternatives to abandoning or surrendering current life insurance coverage? Learn more in this article.


HOT TOPIC: CHIPS and Science Act Aims to Preserve U.S. Technology Edge
This article discusses the CHIPS and Science Act’s key provisions, as the U.S. strives to reduce its reliance on semiconductors produced overseas.

Passive, Active, or Both?
Index funds or traditional actively managed funds: Which approach, or both, is most effective?

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?
Three approaches to help determine an appropriate amount of life insurance coverage that can help meet changing financial needs.

Building Financial Resilience
Steps to be better positioned for turbulent events such as inflation, roller-coaster markets, and global events — and hopefully emerge even stronger.


HOT TOPIC: Unpacking the Inflation Reduction Act: What’s in It?
This article provides an overview of provisions that could affect consumers and businesses, including clean energy tax credits, Medicare changes, and new corporate taxes.

Dividends for Income and Total Returns
Dividend investing can be a dependable source of income for retirees and others. This article provides an overview.

What the Red-Hot Job Market Means for Workers
A discussion of the dynamics of the current job market — one that is quite possibly the most worker-friendly in many years.

Preparing for a Natural Disaster
Here are some tips to help homeowners protect their properties and evacuate safely in the event of a natural disaster.


HOT TOPIC: Is the U.S. Economy in a Recession?
This article looks at how a recession is officially determined and some current indicators that suggest strength or weakness in the U.S. economy.

Inflation Protection for Investment Dollars
Did you know that Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) can help hedge a bond portfolio against inflation? This article explains how.

Life Insurance Living Benefits
In addition to the death benefit, life insurance policies can provide other benefits while the policyholder is still alive. Find out more.


A Wealth of Information: How to Read a Mutual Fund Prospectus
Did you know that a mutual fund prospectus provides key details about the fund? This article offers an overview of information in a prospectus.

Should You Consider Tapping the Equity in Your Home?
Using home equity to fund other financial objectives has potential benefits and risks. This article looks at various ways to tap home equity.

Adjusting Your Tax Withholding
Consider adjustments to income tax withholding after viewing the prior year’s tax results. See which situations might require special attention.


HOT TOPIC: Rising Rates Join Long List of Housing Dilemmas
This article explores how soaring housing costs, rising rates, and declining affordability could impact borrowers and the housing market.

Avoiding Probate
Probate can result in added expenses and delays when settling an estate. Read about four ways to avoid the probate process.

What’s Your Retirement Dream Elevator Pitch?
How do you see your retirement? This article provides some guidelines to help you develop a well-defined retirement vision.


Working While Receiving Social Security Benefits
Do you understand how working in retirement can affect your Social Security benefits? Read this article to find out.

Baseball Lessons That Might Help Change Up Your Finances
Learn some lessons from America’s favorite pastime that may inspire you to take a fresh look at your finances.

Planning to Quit Your Job? What to Know Before You Go
Millions of U.S. workers voluntarily left their jobs in 2021. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering quitting.


ETFs Are Gaining on Mutual Funds: Here’s Why
Are you familiar with the differences between mutual funds and exchange-traded funds? This article compares and contrasts the two.

Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2022
Explore some key retirement plan contribution limits and various tax deduction, exclusion, exemption, and threshold amounts for 2022.

Splurge or Save? Making the Most of Your Income-Tax Refund
Did you receive an income-tax refund this year? This article looks at some ways to use it.


When Two Goals Collide: Balancing College and Retirement Preparations
This article discusses college financial aid and some ideas that might help fund college while maintaining a solid retirement savings strategy.

Mutual Funds: Do You Know What’s in Your Portfolio?
It’s important for investors to understand the funds in their portfolios. This article provides an overview of different types of funds.

If You Don’t Have a Will, You Probably Should
Do you have a will? If not, this article offers three key reasons why you should.